Сovid-19 профилактика заболевания

Координатор программы по профилактике инфекционных, а также особо опасных заболеваний МУ «КОЦПФЗОЖ», Есентаева Динара, провела онлайн конференцию по следующим вопросам: Covid-19 профилактика заболевания, иммунитет – наша сила и сахарный диабет. Конференция прошла интересно и познавательно. Read more

21st century family

Since 2013, every second Sunday in September, the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates family Day. Why is family Day so important? Kazakhstan introduced this holiday to emphasize the importance of family happiness for the life of every citizen. It is in the family that we: get a start, find support and protection in any circumstances; realize the desire to love and care for others. These feelings and desires of relatives are mutual; the family circle is the source of the formation of an individual, a unique personality.

Healthy generation – healthy nation

In the context of distance learning, the health day was also held remotely! Teachers performed exercises under the guidance of a physical education teacher, and at the end held a flash mob! Students connected via the Zoom platform and repeated the exercises after the teachers. Everyone had positive emotions, students wrote to groups and shared their impressions with classmates!

Happy Constitution Day!

On August 30, 1995, the Basic Law-the Constitution of the country-was adopted. Constitution day of the Republic is a national holiday celebrated by all Kazakhstanis.

Open day.

On November 30, 2019, there will be an open day at the College Zerek. The event will be devoted to discussion of teaching problems. The winners of the essay competition “My future profession – teacher” will be awarded certificates for free education in College Zerek.

Professional orientation work.

On November 25 and 26, the college Zerek conducted professional orientation work in the Zhitikara. Graduate students were told about college specialties and their features. Applicants interested in not only advantages and prospects of pedagogical skills, but also problems existing in education nowaday.