My small homeland

Everyone puts their own meaning into the word “homeland”. The concepts of a large and small homeland are inseparable from each other, ” patriotism begins with the love of small things – the place where you live.” Kazakhstan is a great country with a rich history, ancient culture and unique nature. I believe that Kazakhstan will cope with all the problems that it will face, because we, all the peoples living on the territory of Kazakhstan, are together.

Release 2020!

Graduation is the final chord of a unique College Symphony that has been performed for 4 years. Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, we could not deprive our graduates of the main holiday in their lives. Online graduation was a way out of this situation. Dear graduates, we wish you to carry through the years and distances the dream that was born here-in the walls of our College. There are 1000 roads in front of you – choose your own and follow it confidently and honestly. Just like your parents and teachers taught you. On your way, in a huge multicolored world, do not forget your College, represent it with dignity, wherever you are.

Administration of private establishment «Zerek College»

So the school year is over

All exams and tests were left behind. Time flies rapidly, changing our lives, setting priorities in their own way, this academic year will be remembered by all students and teachers. Despite everything, it was rich, interesting and diverse! We wish students and teachers a good holiday and look forward to all in the new academic year!

We appreciate Your work

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank You very much for your work, for your patience, for your ability to find talent in everyone who promises, for your efforts, and for your support. We sincerely wish you health, well-being, strong strength and a wonderful mood. Let every day open something new and good not only for your students, but also for You, even in summer, winter, spring, and autumn, Your life will be bright, fun and interesting!

Youth committee and volunteers

of private establishment« Zerek College»


The choice of the future is yours!

Our College cares about the future of its graduates and their further professional development, so an online conference was organized with a representative of Kostanay socio-technical University named after Z. Aldamzhar, during which all issues of further education and admission rules were covered. KSTU has been a partner of our College for 5 years. College graduates receive a 30% discount on tuition. You can view the live broadcast on our instagram account

My leisure time

What do you think people should do at their leisure? Of course, the majority will answer: rest and relax. But let me disagree with you. Students of our College believe that it is necessary to rest at leisure, but rest should not be meaningless and useless. In their free time, students improve their cultural and aesthetic level and help their families.

Top up your mobile phone balance for the receipt you sent.

Bayganova Ayagoz Eslamovna chief specialist of the legal Department of state revenue Management in Kostanay held an online explanatory conversation with teachers and students about the campaign “Public control – demand a check”. In practice, she showed how to use the program Wipon. The conversation was very relevant and left a lot of positive emotions!

Teacher and student

The teacher and the student are the two most important figures in the school. And the kind of relationship that develops between them, depends largely on the success in the process of training and education. Maria, a member of the teaching team, expressed her opinion on this issue.

Fish out of paper

What should be children’s crafts? First, they should be easy to perform, so that the child can quickly see the result of their work. Secondly, the finished craft should be bright and attractive for games. These are the requirements that our fish meets, made by our student, look and repeat!

“Ветерок” вертушкасын өз қолдарымен қалай жасау керек.

Кез-келген жастағы балалар олардың айналасында барлық нәрсені үйренуді жақсы көреді. Балаларға табиғи апаттардың қасиеттерін білуге “Ветерок”вертушка көмектеседі. Өз қолыңызбен ойыншық жасау оңай. Ол үшін арнайы дағдыларды иелену қажет емес. Дайындау процесі бірнеше кезеңнен тұрады, колледждің волонтерлері бейне дайындады, қараңыз және жасаңыз!