Online conference

It was the first online conference with the teachers of the College. Teachers reported on the results of their activities on the edupage platform. All students are actively involved in the work.

#bizbirgemiz #COVIDнепобедит

College students supported the flash mob on their social networks.we posted photos and videos with the hashtag #COVIDнепобедит белгіленді


Regional pedagogical Olympiad «Talented teacher for gifted children»

On March 12, 2020, the psychologist of Private Establishment “College Zerek” K. Zh. Shayakhmetova participated as a jury in the annual regional pedagogical Olympiad “Talented teacher – gifted children” among psychologists of educational institutions.
The purpose of this competition is to promote professional skills, promote modern psychological knowledge and raise the profile of psychology in society. The young psychologist was given the opportunity to demonstrate his intellectual and creative potential in competitive activities at the regional level. Participants of the Olympiad were awarded certificates for participation, certificates for active participation and diplomas of I, II, III degrees.

Psychologist Private Establishment “Zerek College”
Shayakhmetova K. Zh.

“Good cap»

Volunteers of our College joined the action “Cap in exchange for life”. A small patient care center needs expensive equipment. The plastic recycling plant agreed to pay for the purchase of equipment in exchange for 5 million plastic caps. Our College has organized a collection point for caps, all plastic caps are suitable (from 1.5, 5 and 19 liter bottles, ketchup, mayonnaise, yogurt , etc. ). We believe that Together we can collect the necessary amount.

Ашық есік күні.

28.03.2020 “Зерек колледжі” ЖМ Ашық есік күні өткізіледі. Сондай-ақ, “Зерек колледжі” ЖМ тегін оқуға сертификаттар беріледі .

Spring holiday bouquet

Teachers and College students took part in the spring holiday bouquet, giving them musical notes, heartfelt poems and warm words . A very impressive moment was the presentation of flowers and cards made with your own hands. This spring bouquet remains the soul and remembers.

Do good!

On March 3, an extraordinary atmosphere reigned in THE Palace of students of Kostanay social-technical university named after Z. Aldamzhar. A charity concert “Zhan zhyluy” was held, prepared by the Association of business women of Kostanay region. Teachers and students of our College also came to the concert to support the noble mission of raising funds for the treatment of Polina Ordukhanyan.

Give a woman a smile

Students of the College congratulated the beautiful half of the “state revenue Management in Kostanay” on the upcoming March 8. The girls were presented with handmade flowers, as well as children read poems. This not only raised the mood, but also added strength for productive work!


This holiday has its roots in paganism. Maslenitsa is a farewell to the harsh winter and a welcome to spring. The traditional dish is pancakes. The College held an event dedicated to this holiday, a celebration in which teachers and teachers took part, passed with songs, games, dances, and at the end everyone gathered at one table!