«The Way Of Abai»

Within the framework of the “Rukhani zhangyru” program, a demonstration of videos on the theme «The Way Of Abai» was held at the open week of the subject-cycle Commission «Preschool and primary education».  Videos were rated on a 10-point scale. The video that scores the most points will be published on the College’s website, and the winning team will be awarded incentive prizes.

Let’s go back to our desks!

An open lesson was held for the teachers of our College, where the teachers were in the role of students. The lesson was conducted by the Deputy head of  education production work. The lesson discussed the implementation of active learning methods. The lesson was very emotional, entertaining and productive.

Preventive conversation

Among the students, a preventive conversation was held, which addressed the following issues: prevention of juvenile delinquency, promotion of legal knowledge, formation of students ‘ understanding that by committing a misdemeanor, they violate the law and are responsible for their misdemeanors.

Teaching team

Active preparation for summer practice in the health camp has begun. Students, under the guidance of a psychologist and the head of the Department. the team is working on training for familiarity and team building. Students actively participate in the development of scenarios and thematic weeks.